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Soledad Redevelopment Agency Implementation Plan

Assebly Bill 1290 (AB 1290), entitled the Community Redevelopment Law Reform Act of 1993, took effect on January 1, 1994, and added CCRL Section 33490 to the Health and Safety Code. Section 33490 mandates that each redevelopment agency adopt a five-year implementation plan commencing with the initial plan for projects adopted prior to January 1, 1994; to be adopted during 1994. CCRL Section 33490(b) allows one implentation plan for more than one project area.

The Soledad Redevelopment Agency adopted its first Implementation Plan on Decemeber 13, 1994, as prescribed by redevelopment law. A second Implementation Plan for 2003-2008 was adopted on May 7, 2003, and a public hearing on the mid-term review was held on March 3, 2008. The Agency's third five-year implementation plan, which covers the period 2010-2014, supercedes, and replaces the 2003-2008 Implementation Plan.

 Soledad Redevelopment Agency Implementation Plans

 Implementation Plan

 Period Covered


 First Implementation Plan

 Mandated by AB 1290 Provisions
Five-Year Implementation Plan
1994/1995 through 1998/1999

Ordinance No. 541

Second Amendment

Re-Establishes the Origianl Plan's
Eminent Domain Provisions

 March 1998
Ordinance No. 556

 Third Implementation Plan

Mandated by AB 1290 Provisions 
Five-Year Implementation Plan
2003/2004 through 2007/2008

  May 2003 
Resolution No. 214

 Third Amendment

Project Expansion Area 

June 2006 

 Mid-Term Review

  2003/2004 through 2007/2008

 March 2008
Resolution No. 334

Third Implementation Plan

Mandated by AB 1290 Provisions
Five-Year Implementation Plan
2009/2010 through 2013/2014 

 December 2009

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