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Emergency Operations Center Advantages

The Emergency Operations Center:

  • Enhances coordination between involved agencies. All involved agencies, departments, and organizations must be willing to coordinate activities with each other. By locating agency representatives in the Emergency Operations Center, or providing for scheduled points of contact, effective lines of communication can be established to facilitate this coordination. 
  • Establishes continuity of the response efforts through “round-the-clock” staffing at a centralized point, the Emergency Operations Center. This also provides for systematic means to conduct planning and tactics meetings and brief members of the Incident Management Team of the new elements of the incident action plan through shift briefings when shifts change. 
  • Provides a central point where all information pertaining to the incident is received and analyzed, incident priorities are determined, strategies are developed and critical resources are assigned to tactical operations. 
  • Provides for a single location to focus attention on the incident. The Emergency Operations Center not only provides a facility with operating space for the functional areas of the Incident Management Team, but also provides a centralized location to conduct planning meetings, tactics meetings, shift briefings, media briefings, press conferences, public information releases and other information dissemination.
  • Provides for sustaining operations during extended periods of time. By locating the incident management team in an Emergency Operations Center, the entire response can be managed and disruptions minimized to the organizations not directly involved, so they may continue with their normal duties and responsibilities. 
  • Provides efficient and effective use of all modes of communications available for the incident.

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