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Active Shooter

School campus tragedies affect everyone in our community. The City of Soledad recognizes this on all levels. Over the last years there has been a collaborative effort of: Law Enforcement agencies, Fire Departments, School Districts, Red Cross, County Communication Center and Board of Education to formulate a plan to help school officials prepare for an unforeseen event on a school campus. We now have a plan in place to prepare for, avert or reduce the level of, a dangerous event on a school campus.

All precautions have been taken during the planning of this training to accommodate for the safety of the students and staff on campus. As part of the drill some selected high school students and school staff actually participates as victims and are placed on a lock down. During this event mental health professionals are on scene, during and after the drill, so should anyone involved have an emotional need, it can be addressed immediately.

The state mandates one lockdown drill per year and be performed by every school. This drill will meet that requirement and provide valuable training for everyone involved. After the training everyone involved meets for a formal review of the drill to see if our plan needs to be amended in any way.

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