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Building & Safety

The mission of the Building & Safety Division is to provide quality services to the community in a manner that is comprehensive, effective, knowledgeable and helpful to the public. The Building & Safety Division promotes and ensures that all new development in Soledad is constructed in accordance with the highest standards of safety and that all existing structures are maintained in a safe condition.

 Groundbreaking for WWTP Upgrade

Regulating the construction or renovation of buildings is an important aspect of consumer protection that benefits both the residents and visitors of our city. Before a building is constructed or altered, the property owner is responsible for obtaining a building permit from the City. During this process, plans are reviewed to ensure the design will satisfy all city and state construction codes. Once plans have been checked and any necessary corrections have been approved, the permit is issued and construction may begin. Our staff of certified inspectors will conduct inspections of the project during various stages of construction to verify that building code requirements are adhered to and that the work is consistent with the plans approved by the City.

Code Enforcement
The Building & Safety Division of the Community & Economic Development Department is also responsible for enforcing various land use, property development, building and sign regulations. Our municipal ordinance enforcement program is handled on a complaint-driven basis and we respond to over 50 cases per year. For more information, please visit Code Enforcement.

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