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What is the General Plan?

Every country and city in California is required by State law to have a General Plan, and the plan is required to be up to date. The General Plan identifies the City's goals, policies, and implementation actions regarding future development. Some of the topics it covers include:

  • Locations of public facilities such as parks, open space, and cultural facilities,
  • locations and types of new housing developments
  • Locations of future commercial and industrial developments
  • Determining how large and how tall buildings should be,
  • Improving the transportation system and dealing with traffic congestions,
  • Addressing quality of life issues such as noise, air quality, public safety, schools, and the design of buildings and public space.

Presenting...Soledad General Plan
The City Council adopted the Soledad General Plan on September 5, 2005

The Soledad General Plan is a blueprint for the orderly growth and development of the City for the next twenty to fifty years. The Plan Envisions substantial growth substantial growth for the City during this time frame. Complete build out of the City and its sphere of influence in accordance with this General Plan would accommodate about 58,000 (not including the State prison population). The Plan provides policies and programs to manage the location and pace of new development so that it may be accommodated with out financial hardship to the community, and so that the quality of life enjoyed in Soledad is preserved and enhanced. The primary focus of the Plan is to foster a climate conducive for expanded economic development in Soledad, including expanded opportunities for shopping and tourism, the provision o more and better paying jobs, and affordable housing.

Goals and elements of the plan include:

  • To protect the City's natural, cultural, visual and historical resources. 
  • To encourage the use of alternate forms of transportation other than the automobile. 
  • To create a pedestrian friendly, walk able community. 
  • To promote community character, livability, affordability and housing choice, by requiring an integrated mix of housing types in new residential areas. 
  • To provide an adequate supply of sound, affordable housing in a safe and satisfying environment for all residents. 
  • To improve the City’s overall economy and fiscal condition. 
  • To ensure that new development does not impose a substantial financial burden to the City. 
  • To provide good local jobs for Soledad residents. 
  • To maintain and support a healthy and diverse local economy that meets the present and future employment, shopping, recreational, public safety, and services needs of Soledad residents.

 2009 Soledad Housing Element

The City of Soledad's 2009 Soledad Housing Element is an element of the Soledad General Plan and covers a five year period from 2009-2014, which identifies development sites to accommodate a variety of housing types for all income leveles, analyzes resources and constraints to housing development and affordabilty, and outlines policies to promote housing opportunities for all persons.

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