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Damon C. Wasson Sr. was appointed as a patrol sergeant with the Soledad Police Department on October 20, 2008. On November 26, 2011, he was promoted to Police Commender. Prior to working for the City of Soledad, he worked for the City of Madera Police Department for 20 years. Commander Wasson has been assigned to a number of specialty assignments throughout his career such as:

  • Patrol Sergeant
  • Community Response Task Force Supervisor
  • Internal Affairs investigations
  • Field Training Officer
  • Use of Force Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Impact Weapons Instructor
  • Less Than Lethal Instructor
  • County Gang Liaison Officer
  • Terrorism Liaison Officer
  • Law Enforcement Response To Terrorism Instructor

Commander Wasson possesses his Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory P.O.S.T. certificates; he has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix in Fresno California and is a graduate of the Sherman H. Block Supervisory Leadership Institute in San Diego California. Commander Wasson has been involved in and investigated state, National and international drug trafficking cases, and has been a lead instructor at the Southern Yosemite Gang Awareness Symposium. He has also co-instructed and trained students at a R.O.P. Law Enforcement class at a charter high school in the Central Valley. 


Sgt. Wasson


Damon "Chuck" Wasson Commander 

236 Main St.
P.O. Box 606
Soledad, CA  93960

Ph: (831) 223-5141
Fx: (831) 678-3575

Monday though Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Contact the City of Soledad
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Soledad, CA 93960
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