City Internships

The City of Soledad offers summer internships from different city departments through our Internship Program. To learn more about internships for students, see the content below.

The application deadline for our Summer Internships is Friday, June 10, 2022.

Internship Program

This program creates a meaningful hands-on learning experience for Soledad youth that provides valuable skills for workforce readiness.

Participating City Departments

1. Community & Economic Development Department

2. Community Engagement Department

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Intern will provide the Community Engagement Department with fresh innovative ideas on community involvement in city events, including increasing the participation rate among the youth.
  • Intern will engage in social media and email blast campaigns while brainstorming with the Community Engagement Coordinator how to increase engagement on both of these public outreach outlets.
  • Intern will assist the Community Engagement Department in completing and developing the City of Soledad volunteer program and analyze different ways to get our community more involved with volunteer opportunities.
  • Intern will engage and participate in tours of city facilities such as our Wastewater Treatment Plant, Community Center and Gateway Center and discover in which ways we can get the public involved in these tours as well.

3. Public Works Department

4. IT Department

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