Meet Soledad Police Department's K9 Team

Officer Lozano with K9 Bo
Officer Ambriz with K9 Koda

The Soledad Police Department has two-canine (K9) teams. Officer Lozano teamed with K9 Bo and Ambriz teamed with K9 Koda.

Each Officer is partnered with a highly trained canine. This specialized unit has the primary task of drug/firearms/currency interdiction. Generally, K9 Officers spend their shift on Patrol, assisting in calls for service and making traffic stops until their specialized skills are needed. K9 officers also participate in demonstrations and civic events. Soledad Police handlers maintain 24-hour control/care over their canines. K9 Officers are required to attend 16-hours of training per month in narcotic/firearms detection. The Officers and their K9’s are required to complete a yearly certifications by a certified California POST evaluator.

The Soledad Police Department K9 program raises funds to support the K9 unit, including equipment and supplies.

K9 Team in Action


K-9 Koda is a 3.5-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Her superpowers allow her to detect Narcotics, Currency, and Firearms. K-9 Koda chases a tennis ball and bathes in her pool on her days off. K-9 Koda loves meeting new people and her favorite snack is chicken nuggets.  K-9 Koda has been privileged to assist in numerous search warrants.


K-9 Bo is a 3-year-old Black Labrador Retriever. K9 Bo is able to pick up on important clues and materials people are not able to detect. K-9 Bo can sniff out hidden drugs and items of evidence in a crime (such as guns) that could generate leads in a case or assist detectives in their investigation. K-9 Bo enjoys his plushies and chewing toys and appearing in school events with children. K-9 Bo and his handler, K-9 Officer Lozano, have been serving the city of Soledad since April of 2021.

Fredy AmbrizK-9 OfficerEmail(831) 223-5115
CLOZANOCecilio LozanoK-9 OfficerEmail(831) 223-5164

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