On the week of December 25, 2023, the Youth Council volunteered their time to canvass for the Soledad General Plan. Over three days, the youth walked almost 20 miles and distributed 1,000 door hangers across the City of Soledad. Every major neighborhood was canvassed thanks to the efforts of 13 youth.

Thanks to these efforts the City received 166 responses on the General Plan Survey. Next, the City will draft a Visioning Statement that will be distributed to the community for feedback.

The General Plan outlines the goals for physical growth, conservation, and community life in Soledad, and contains the policies and actions necessary to achieve those goals. City staff members use the General Plan to guide decisions about zoning, permitted development, provision of public services, and transportation improvements. Soledad’s current General Plan was adopted in 2005 and reflects the data, attitudes, and assumptions of that time. However, as the Salinas Valley and Soledad have changed over the past 19 years, conditions have evolved, and the General Plan needs to evolve as well. The updated General Plan will help the diverse Soledad community create and achieve a shared and aspirational vision for future preservation, growth, and change that is environmentally, economically, and equitably feasible and sustainable.

Typically, a General Plan begins with a Vision Statement and then establishes specific goals and policies related to a range of civic issues.  These issues are organized into a series of topic-specific “Elements” or chapters of the General Plan. State law requires General Plans to address the following broad topics: land use, open space, circulation, housing, conservation, safety, noise, and environmental justice.  These topics can be combined or presented in any order that best fits the community. Additional Elements can be added to the General Plan depending on local needs and goals and Elements can be combined with one another. Incorporated cities or towns are required to adopt their own General Plans.

To learn about the General Plan and the timeline please visit: Home – Soledad General Plan 2045. 


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