Over-the-Years: Development Growth in Soledad

During the 1990’s through the 2000’s, Soledad almost doubled its population through the development of single-family and multi-family housing. With this development, came many benefits to the community of Soledad and Monterey County in providing for opportunities for a growing regional workforce to own or rent affordable housing. 

Today, there remains a great need in Monterey County for temporary housing, farmworker housing, and market-rate multifamily housing.  Adding these types of housing to our city will enhance the community and provide the most appropriate type of housing for the needs of those who wish to live and work and call Soledad home.

Soledad is a young and growing community.  As the Community and Economic Development Department looks to the future, it is with the understanding that it will need to remain focused on providing affordable workforce housing and housing for our young residents who will want to live, work and raise their own families in the small town atmosphere of their own upbringing.

Our staff recognizes that not every generation desires or needs single-family housing.  It will be important to continue to diversify our housing stock to include appropriately sized housing for senior citizens and those who wish to live and work in our community while living in a dwelling space that is right-sized for their lifestyle.

Please see below for additional housing resources:

Housing Division:

The Housing Division operates a number of different housing programs and housing development projects to address community needs. We work with residents, developers, stakeholders, and non-profit organizations to preserve affordable and accessible rental and ownership housing opportunities for diverse income levels to help boost economic activity in the community.  Further, the Housing Division is dedicated to collaborating with Fair Housing agencies and homeless service providers to provide educational materials related to housing and homeless outreach services for residents.  

Do you have any housing-related questions? Please feel free to give us a call! 


Housing Analyst 

Beatriz Trujillo

Email: btrujillo@cityofsoledad.gov

Phone: 831-223-5056

Community & Economic Development Director

Kao Nou Yang

Email: kyang@cityofsoledad.gov

Phone: 831-223-5179

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