Soledad Community Center Facility Rentals

Whether you are looking for space for a small birthday party, meeting, or a large venue for your major life event, the Soledad Community Center has options for every occasion! Our staff is happy to assist you in reserving your event with the Soledad Parks & Recreation Department. 


9996 sq. ft. room with a capacity of 999/450 dining.

Fees: ($1000 Deposit) (10-hour setup/event max)  

Saturdays and Sundays Only (no Friday setup)

Programs prioritized (setup/events-after only)

Large Multi-Purpose Room

1978 sq. ft. room with a capacity of 150/100 dining.

Fees: ($250 Deposit + $25 registration fee)

Hourly Rate: (2hr min/4hr max): $50

Event Rate: (6hr max) (F-Sun): $380

Small Multi-Purpose Room

858 sq. ft. room with a capacity of 49/25 dining.

Fees: ($150 Deposit + $25 registration fee)

Meeting Rate: (2hr min/4hr max): $30/hr

Event Rate:  (6hr max) (F-Sun): $260

Add-On Fees

All room fees are base level. Additional fees are required on a per event basis:

Warming Kitchen

We offer a warming kitchen, not to be confused with a catering kitchen. No cooking allowed in the facility. You must bring your own food ready to serve. 

Stand By Staff

Staff is required for any event that is outside of  normal business hours. $35 per hour.

Security Guards

Every event with alcohol is required to have security guards. For every 50 guests, there will be one guard. 

Alcohol Permit

An alcohol permit must be approved and paid to allow for alcohol at any event in the facility. 


Renter will lose their deposit if staff find damages or loss of city property caused by the party renting the space. 


Must be made 30 days in advance. No exceptions. 

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Soledad Park Rentals

Soledad is blessed with a variety of outdoor spaces to enjoy nature, play, and celebrate!

Park Rentals

  • Park Rentals (first come, first serve w/out reservation)
  • Reservations are made on our website on the facility tab or in person.



Picnic Area & BBQ



Bounce House



Sports Fields

  • Reservations must be made in person. Click the button below for a form. 
  • Must be made 30 days in advance



Ball Field-practice/hr



Ball Field-game/1.5 hr



Soccer Field-practice/hr



Soccer Field-game/hr



Field Lights per hr


Facility Rental

Rentals must include the following:

Rental insurance (provided by renter, in-house purchase available)

All applicable permits 

Security at 1:50/person/hour for ANY event that includes alcohol

Down payment to secure rental

Remain within max contracted attendees(event will be shut down by Soledad Police department if the event exceeds the number of attendees listed on the contract)

Agreement and full compliance with rules and regulations by renter and guests

Parks Rental

Rentals must include the following:

All applicable permits 

Agreement to rules and regulation

Proof of residency Rental insurance (provided by renter)*

Proof of non-profit*

Roster and schedule with proof of residency*

*Required for organized Sports


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