The City of Soledad has been contracting with CAL FIRE since January 2012 to provide full-time professional fire service to the City of Soledad and the Mission-Soledad Fire Protection District.  The Fire Department protects approximately 34,000 citizens within a 97 square mile response area.  Station 37 responds to over 1600 emergency calls a year.  Services are delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Soledad Fire Department utilizes an app called Pulsepoint to help notify residents of important information when the fire staff responding to an 911 call. The app is free to use, and will give you real-time information about car accidents, fires, medical emergencies and more.

PulsePoint Respond is a 911-connected app that can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community and can request your help when CPR is needed nearby.

PulsePoint AED is a simple-to-use tool that enables you to help build the public AED registry in your community – or anywhere!

Follow the Soledad Fire Department on Facebook

We’d ask all our residents to follow the Soledad Fire Department on Facebook to get updated information on events, activities and the different work we do everyday.

The Fire Department is comprised of:

  • One Battalion Chief
  • Two Fire Captains
  • Three Fire Apparatus Engineers
  • One Training Fire Captain


  • Educating the public in fire and life safety measures
  • Preventing the ignition and spread of unwanted fires
  • Providing rescue and emergency care services
  • Responding to, and mitigating the effects on the community from fires, hazardous conditions, and natural and human-made disasters

Annual Business Inspections

The City of Soledad Fire Department conducts annual business inspections to secure the correction of common fire hazards and code violations. The inspections can be done by the fire department as they oversee inspections for over 400 businesses throughout the year.

The Fire Department utilizes the annual inspection program as an educational experience for business owners. The ultimate goal is for these owners to become familiar with preventative measures to ensure fire safety for their employees and patrons.

We will have more information about the annual business inspection process soon.

Fire Department Apparatus

E37 – Engine 37

2017 Smeal Type I Engine

– 2000gpm Waterous Single StageMidship Pump

– 700 gallons of water

– 30gal foam tank

– Cummins ISL 9 450hp Diesel Engine

– Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission

U37 – Utility 37 is a 2009 Ford F-250, equipped with a medical bag and a defibrillator.

E137 – Engine 137

2009 HME Type I Engine

– 1500gpm Hale Q-Max Midship Pump

– 850 gallons of water

– 20gal foam tank

– Cummins ISL 365hp Diesel Engine

– Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission

, Soledad, CA 93960
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 156, Soledad, CA 93960
(831) 223-5100
(831) 678-3295

Fire Station

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