ARPA Funds Available for Soledad

The City of Soledad has allocated $200,000 of its American Rescue Plan Act funds to help support its business community that has faced signific challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are a business that has been impacted negatively by the pandemic and who has sustained financial hardships caused or exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic, you may qualify for the ARPA Small Business Assistance & Improvement Grant Program.

Applications will be accepted from September 26, 2022 to November 30, 2022.

For any questions, please contact our Economic Development Department

by email at: or at (831) 223-5016

The Community & Economic Development Department champions economic vitality and safe, livable neighborhoods which reflect, preserve, and enhance Soledad’s unique cultural and historic character; the department also promotes informed decision making, which facilitates sustainable development, affordable housing, and reinvestment in the community.

The department is divided into the following groups:

Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Division promotes investments in the City and helps secure quality goods and services for local residents and businesses. Specific goals are to provide retail opportunities to meet the needs of our citizens, promote research activities, create diverse job opportunities, and to assist in the fiscal stability of the city.

What is Economic Development?

Economic Development refers to policies and programs to help increase the community’s economic activity in order to create more and better jobs and to provide greater choice and competitive prices for goods and services. A healthy economy also increases revenues to the local government through more property tax and through additional sales tax, which equates to financial re-investment in city services and our business community.


Business Outreach and Support

Maintaining a healthy business environment for the City of Soledad is our priority. We recognize that a healthy business sector provides the resources necessary to sustain jobs and services for our citizens. Business retention and expansion programs are successfully being implemented to improve the City’s revenue base, create jobs for residents, and provide for the overall well being of the Soledad business community.

Encouraging an ongoing dialogue with businesses and building relationships with business leaders are critical factors for business retention. To that end, the City’s Economic Development Division sponsors or conducts a number of business outreach programs that offer new and established businesses alike, education and emerging business trends and opportunities.


Soledad Featured in Select Central Coast Newsletter

Our very own Tencia Vargas, the Economic Development and Housing Program Coordinator was featured in Select Central Coast‘s Newsletter where she talked about the different new economic opportunities like the Hotel Incentive Program and Business Recruitment Package available to new and current businesses in Soledad.

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