Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Installation in Soledad

In 2015, the State of California adopted Assembly Bill 1236 (2015, Chiu, Codified as Government Code Section 65850.7), which requires local jurisdictions to adopt an ordinance to create an expedited, streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations. AB 1236 was followed by AB 970, adopted in 2021, which adds specific binding timelines to the review period for the application for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station based on parking requirements and size of the proposed electric vehicle charging station(s)(EVCS). The law was developed to further the availability of charging infrastructure to help drive the deployment of zero emission vehicles. Per the requirements of AB 1236, the streamlining process includes the establishment of a checklist containing objective requirements for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station and a process for the electronic submittal of permit applications. The proposed checklist is provided below and must be included in all EVCS applications. For more information, please contact the Building Department at (831) 223-5170 or at buildingpermits@cityofsoledad.com

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