Call 911 immediately if you or another person nearby are experiencing an emergency medical situation, a fire, electrical or chemical emergency, do not feel safe or are in personal danger.

If you are in need of an officer for a non-emergency police matter please contact the non-emergency dispatch at 831-755-5111 or online

You can contact the Soledad Police Department business office to ask a non-emergency question by consulting our staff directory.

Damon Wasson

Chief of Police

Fred Lombardi

Deputy Chief of Police

This is our community and your police department.

The Soledad Police Department has 21 sworn law enforcement officers and three civilian personnel.  Our staff is responsible for providing high-quality services to the visitors, residents, and businesses in our community.  We pride ourselves on our diversity and the positive working relationship that we have fostered with the citizens of our community.

Residents of Soledad enjoy a high quality of life in a city recognized for its low crime rates and close working relationships with the police. In 2017, the City of Soledad appeared for a second consecutive year as one of “The 50 Safest Cities in California.”  To further reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our city, we have implemented many enforcement and community policing programs which are designed to increased police and citizen interactions.

We are firmly committed to our community policing efforts and continue to seek innovative ways to conduct outreach to the citizens of this city.  Through our continued partnerships, the community members of Soledad and the members of the Soledad Police Department will continue to improve the quality of life for all.

Important Links and Documents

If you want a completely anonymous way to report a crime or give tips to assist the police department, you can do so by using a service called WeTip. The information collected will come to us and will never reveal any personally identifiable information.

Alert Monterey County is an extremely useful service we urge all Soledad residents to sign up for. It’s free and when there are emergencies in the area, you can get notices on your phone. Scan the QR code or visit to sign up.

Caltrans QuickMap provides several types of real-time traffic information, including traffic speed, lane and road closures due to construction and maintenance activities, incident reports, Changeable Message Sign (CMS) content, camera snapshots, and active chain control requirements. You can visit the site at to stay updated.  

We have partnered up with If I Need Help to provide us with an updated profile of your loved one. Through an easy free sign-up and membership, you are provided with personal wearable QR codes that immediately alert the public to who needs help and how to help them. A Police Officer or good Samaritan who scans them can quickly find the individual’s basic information, such as an emergency contact number. Visit our website for further information on our Special Needs ID Registry Program and to request for a direct referral to If I Need Help.

The Soledad Police Department is committed to helping support the positive development of youth, improving self-esteem, and reducing delinquent acts. The Soledad PD has partnered with non-profit organizations and other agencies to prevent youth violence.

The goal is to reduce youth violence and increase the opportunities for life success in the City of Soledad by supporting youth at home, school, and the community. Please visit our website for more information about the local organizations and to request a direct referral.

Police Document Repository

The Police Department tries to keep all publicly accessible documents related to it’s work here. If there is a document you need access to or think should be in this section, please contact the administration staff so we can assist.

Forms for parades and garage sales can be found here.

Police Staff Directory

Physical Address: 236 Main St., Soledad, CA 93960
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 606, Soledad, CA 93960
Phone: (831) 223-5120
Fax: (831) 678-3575

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