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Providing a continuing quality of life for the residents and business owners located in the City of Soledad.

The Planning Division works with land developers regarding commercial, industrial, and residential developments; promotes and implements plans for the balanced and orderly growth of the city; and ensures that all new developments are constructed in accordance with good design practices.

The Planning Division provides general zoning information regarding the use of property and general plan information. The Planning Division is the initial start for any new business and residential development and the review and issuance of permits for fences and walls, patio covers, signage, and residential and commercial additions.

Office visits are available at Soledad City Hall, Monday through Thursday, 8 am-5 pm. Walk-ins are available, but appointments are recommended; please use the link available to schedule an appointment.


Ariana Mora

Associate Planner

(831) 223-5020


All Planning Permits are now handled through our new SmartGOV portal. 

All Planning Inquiries please email planning@cityofsoledad.gov or call (831) 223-5020

You can now book appointments directly with the Planning Division here:

Book an Appointment

Additional Dwelling Unit (ADUs)

ADUs are built as smaller residences on the same property as a primary single-family residence but still provide complete and independent living facilities for one or more persons. ADUs may be built within the existing structure of the primary residence, which could include converting garage space, converting or expanding existing living space, or building out a smaller area of existing living space as a separate unit (called a Junior ADU). For more information on ADUs, please see the City of Soledad ADU Handbook below.

Any questions or if you would like to speak with a planner:

Please email us here or call the Soledad Planning Department at (831) 223-5020.


Associate Planner

Ariana Mora 

Email: amorajacobo@cityofsoledad.gov

Phone: 831-750-5435

Community & Economic Development Director

Kao Nou Yang

Email: kyang@cityofsoledad.gov

Phone: 831-223-5179

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