City of Soledad Welcomes New Community and Economic Development Team Members

The City of Soledad is delighted to introduce three new additions to the Community and Economic Development team. Kao Nou Yang has joined as the Community and Economic Development Director, Beatriz Trujillo as the Housing Analyst, and Henry Aguilar as the Community Engagement Coordinator.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the new role, Yang shared, “I am very excited to contribute to the City of Soledad. As a public servant, I am committed to serving the community and will strive to meet its needs while preserving the historical and cultural essence of Soledad.”

With nearly 12 years of experience in local government’s Community & Economic Development, Yang brings a wealth of expertise in planning, economic development, and housing. Her background includes serving as the former Community & Economic Development Director for the City of Avenal, a small rural community in Kings County – Central Valley. Holding a bachelor’s degree in political science and American History from California State University Stanislaus, Ms. Yang has dedicated her career to public service, assisting not only her community but also neighboring jurisdictions.

During her tenure in Avenal, Yang achieved significant economic growth, attracting the city’s first franchise, facilitating the permitting and construction of over 200 new homes and multi-family residences. Collaborating with city departments and state/federal agencies, she secured over $10 million in grants for housing and public facilities/infrastructure.

“I aspire to achieve something transformative for the City of Soledad,” added Yang. “My aim is to take on a larger challenge in economic and community development, fostering growth while preserving the community’s cultural heritage. Soledad has a rich history, and it is crucial for the city to embrace that history for sustainable growth. I hope to infuse a small-town feel with a modern twist.”

Yang’s primary goal is to enhance Front Street, focusing on modernization to create a more pedestrian and family-friendly environment. She aims to bring cultural diversity to Soledad, positioning it as an economic hub along the 101 for travelers.

Trujillo, a Soledad resident, previously served as a Community Development Analyst in the Housing Division of the City of Salinas. During her tenure, she successfully implemented and managed various housing programs and services for the city.

Aguilar, also transitioning from the City of Salinas, will play a crucial role in supporting the creation of the General Plan 2045 for Soledad. The City is excited to welcome these talented individuals to its growing team, furthering its commitment to community development and enhancement.

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