Our Community and Economic Development Department wanted to share with everyone some updates on the Soledad Marketplace. Know that new retail and housing are top priorities for the city, and we’ve recently expanded positions in both these departments to help accommodate this need.
  • The Marketplace is awaiting Planning approvals. We are currently working with the Developer and Third-Party tenants to obtain the necessary permits.
  • DaVita is a medical center and extension of the current center in Soledad. This is currently in construction.
  • Dutch Bros is currently in construction and is expected to open within the next 6-9 months. PG&E and connecting to power can be an issue for new construction.
  • New retail and fast-food restaurants are being proposed but no planning or building applications have been submitted. Until we receive a formal application from a new business, we would consider sharing the name.
  • Tractor Supply submitted a planning application but is currently working to submit plans for approval.
  • Unfortunately due to economic circumstances, Ross will no longer be coming to the City.

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