On Friday, March 1 the youth councils from Soledad, Gonzales, and Greenfield held a meeting in the Gonzales Council Chambers to discuss plans for the first-ever South Monterey County Youth Summit. The event is set to take place May 11, location TBD. Youth from all three cities will gather information on what the biggest issues are that youth in South Monterey County face and they will present to policy makers.

The Summit is being supported by adult advisors from the three cities as well as by C4 Consulting. However, the bulk of the Summit is led by the vision, voice, and work of the youth. They hope to be able to recruit more youth to get involved in their community and to be able to center youth voice and power in the policies of their cities and schools.

For more information or if you’d like to support contact communityengagement@cityofsoledad.com


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