Car Show Food & Retail Vendor Registration

If you are interested in participating as a food / retail vendor at our 2024 Hot Summer Days Car Show please complete the form below. / Si está interesado en participar como vendedor de alimentos en nuestra Exposición de Autos Hot Summer Days 2024, complete el formulario a continuación.

Pin Up Contest / Pachuco Contest

 A pin-up contest is an event where individuals, showcase their talent for embodying the style and aesthetic of classic pin-up models. Contestants often compete in categories such as vintage fashion, hairstyling, makeup, and overall presentation. These contests celebrate the beauty, charm, and confidence associated with the pin-up culture of the mid-20th century. Participants may emulate iconic pin-up looks or create their own interpretations while paying homage to the retro glamour and allure of the era. Judging criteria typically include authenticity, creativity, poise, and stage presence. These events often attract enthusiasts of vintage fashion and retro culture.

If you are interested in participating in this year's Pin Up contest you may sign up to participate by filling out the following form 2024 Soledad Hot Summer Days Pinup Contest (jotform.com). This year there will be 3 lucky winners that will receive a plaque and other fun prizes!!!

Summer Days brings thousands of locals and Salinas Valley residents to the area for the event. Our retail and food truck vendors did extremely well last year and we want to ensure they are successful this time around. Below is a rough map of the layout we will be using. We are still planning out the location of the vendors. Once the location of vendors is solidified, we will post a vendor map on all of our social media platforms.

If you are a vendor interested in registering for a spot, please fill out the form linked at the top of the page. All applications must be submitted electronically. 

Please be advised that this permit is only valid for this specific event.

All FOOD VENDOR registrations are due no later than June 14th by 5pm.

All RETAIL VENDOR registrations are due no later than June 14th, 2024.

The cost to participate in the event is as follows:
$300.00 for FOOD TRUCK Vendors 8X28
$250.00 For all other FOOD Vendors 10X10
$150.00 for RETAIL Vendors 10X10
$50 for Non-Profits not originating from Soledad
FREE for Soledad Non-Profit Organizations / Youth Groups. 10X10

Please be advised of the following guidelines:

• Food Vendors MUST have a valid Monterey County Health Permit.
• Vendors must provide their own equipment i.e.: canopies, tables, chairs etc. Please be aware and plan for heavy winds. Therefore, bring your own anchor or weights.
• All fees are Non-Refundable as all proceeds will be going to help fund the Youth Recreational Programs.
• No electricity or running water is available.
• Our event will run from 11 am to 6 pm.; therefore, vendors may begin to set up at 7:00 am.
• We reserve the right to censor any booth.


If you have a hot summer vehicle, you’d like to show off for the Summer Days event, you can sign it up here:


Special Thanks to All Our Current Sponsors

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