As part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program, the City of Soledad Public Works Department will start its 2024 Crack Seal Project.  The City has awarded a contract to Pavement Coatings Co. to place a crack seal on several streets throughout the City of Soledad.

Crack Sealing is the most commonly applied preventative pavement maintenance that can be performed, and it is a relatively inexpensive process for its tremendous benefit on streets. Road deterioration, such as potholes and failed road bases, is most often caused by water intrusion of unsealed pavement. Crack sealing helps save streets from needing expensive reconstruction long before the roadway is worn out. Numerous streets throughout the City have been identified based upon an evaluation of pavement conditions, traffic volumes, and in coordination with other roadway maintenance activities.

Crack Sealing consists of filling in cracks with a permanent adhesive sealant. Cracks are sealed by applying a hot sealant into them, which bonds the sides of the crack. The sealant not only stops water and debris from entering the crack but also expands and contracts as temperatures change, preventing additional cracking.

Drivers are encouraged to look out for traffic signs, detour signs, and construction signs as they make their way through the city. Residents should refer to the attached work schedule and map to see if work has been scheduled on their street and to look for No-Parking Signs with work-associated dates. All residents will always have access to their driveways throughout this project.

We look forward to everyone’s cooperation in making this project a success!

For more information about this project, please contact the City of Soledad Public Works Department at the number listed below.

City of Soledad

Public Works Department

248 Main Street

Soledad, CA 93960

(831) 223-5176


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